Go Animate!

I was inspired by Tre Greer’s blog to try out GoAnimate. So here is my first attempt

It’s not really that realistic! (I hope it plays … so far I have not been able to see an animation on any other blogs, I’ve always had to go to the Go Animate site … Hope this gets fixed soon!)

NOTE (6 Aug): I’ve just made my second animation. This time it’s for school!

4 thoughts on “Go Animate!

  1. Its not possible to view the animation. I am having the same problem, perhaps it is wordpress. However, you have made your private and not public, which may affect whether it plays.

  2. Thank you both for your comments, and for trying to have a look! I had originally made the animation private, then changed it to public, but when I went back again I noticed it was still at private, so I did change it again before uploading it here. However, it was still at private, so I have changed it a third time, and I hope it has remained public this time!

    I have noticed that I haven’t been able to view any GoAnimate animations that have been embedded in blogs – since these have all been edublogs, I don’t know if the problem is with WordPress, as you suggest, or perhaps with GoAnimate. However, they seem to play without problems at the site, so I have also added a link to mine there.

    See you over on GoAnimate!

  3. I managed to watch your video on go animate itself (it’s very cute).

    Edublogs doesn’t seem to like go animate, it embeds ok on pbwiki and blogger, they load very fast and play without issue. It’s all very odd. Did you find it easy to use though?

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