Bassey and Research

Bassey wrote that research is a:

systematic, critical and self-critical enquiry which aims to contribute to the advancement of knowledge

But where did he write this? This is an example of the difficulties I am finding with writing my methodology section for my Masters dissertation. I have the following references:

Bassey, M, Research Matters, c. 1991, R136.

Bassey, Research Intelligence, 35 Part 2:9, undated.

Bassey, 1995.

Bassey, 1999: 38

He (Bassey? not sure) adopts Stenhouse’s definition of research as … (Stenhouse, 1975?)

Bassey (1999) in Coleman and Briggs (2002:5) …

Bassey, 1990: 35

Michael Bassey … Creating Education Through Research, Kirklington, Newark: Kirklington Moor Press, 1996. (I don’t think he says it in here, necessarily, but it’s the only document so far that I’ve found by “M. Bassey” … Having a first name somehow makes him seem more human!)

Aha, I’ve now discovered a document from the ATL that says that Bassey, in 2005, was emeritus professor of education at Nottingham … (I presume Nottingham Uni rather than Nottingham Trent, but that’s only because I did some research there myself back in 2000 and something. Maybe I was in the same building as him at one time!) (Now he’s really becoming real!)

Now I’ve reached Amazon and can see a list of books. Lots to do with primary teaching … but there’s also:

Creating Education Through Research: A Global Perspective of Educational Research for the 21st Century by Michael Bassey (Paperback – 11 Sep 1995)


Case Study Research in Educational Settings (Doing Qualitative Research in Educational Settings) by Michael Bassey (Hardcover – 1 May 1999)

He probably has used this quote in numerous situations, and perhaps even in these two books. But what should I write in my dissertation as the reference? You see, I like the quote, and have explained why I think it’s appropriate, but it’s such a long time since I started this essay (I started it around Christmas time …) that I cannot remember where I got the reference I used. I can see another reference in my notes from my tutor, but again, I’m not exactly sure of the publication details, and what does “R136” mean anyway? Is it some sort of page number?

Well, I’ll go on and see what I can do, but if anyone out there has the answer (Michael Bassey, can you hear me?!) then I’d be grateful to hear from you … preferably by the end of the weekend!!!

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